"Altman White English Bulldog "


 Athen's Chaos & Jugga Bear

R.I.P Jugga Bear. A face that could always make us smile. Gone but, NEVER forgotten.

Roland's Big Chester out for his walk..

 Twinkie playing in the water

Big Otis is a Handsome Boy. 

Snow Bell running and playing

       Gator out for his walk.

Betty Boo playing in the water with her ball..She's loves playing ball and hide and seek.. 

Gypsie Queen is such a happy girl.

Betty Boo ♥'s playing Ball.

Big Cletus running and playing.


Large and box-shaped with a square skull.

Eyes: Wide-set. Ears: Small, high-set rose or flap ears.

Muzzle: Short, broad and deep.

Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat.

Bite: Scissor or level, with some slightly undershot.

Neck: Short, thick and muscular.

Top-line: Level.

Chest: Broad and deep, with well sprung ribs.

Body: Extremely well-muscled with thick, muscular, and broad shoulders.

Legs: Forelegs are strong and straight, with the hind legs being heavy boned, covered in hard,  powerful muscles, but not as broad as the shoulders.

Tail: Usually docked, but, if not, is low lying and long.

Movement: Strong and driving, yet very agile.

Temperament: Protective and cautious with strangers.

  Altman’s White English Bulldog
Developed by Ray Altman of Waycross, Georgia, this powerful American breed is a  reconstruction of the “Old English White” strain of working bulldogs of the 19th century. The Altman White English Bulldog is a dedicated farm watchdog and can be employed to drive and control cattle, as well as for hunting wild hogs and other large game, thanks to it's agility,  tenacity and courage.  Broad Chested, wide-headed and straight-backed, this muscular canine is truly an impressive working Molosser.

Their intelligence and love of children make it an excellent family pet, but proper socialization and handling are of great importance. We have ALL of our dogs around chickens, goats and other animals. They need to get introduced to other animals over time. Contrary to it's name,  the  Altman White English Bulldog’s short coat comes in all colors.

The average height is around 15 to 20 inches.

The Altman White English Bulldog has been around for a numder of years.  About 21 years ago a man name Ray Altman started this line. It was started to try to lower the Health problems that the regular Englsih bulldog have. He took a White English Bulldog and a regular AKC Bulldog ( Dusty's Georgia Bull ) and mixed them together. From the two was started what we call today the Altman White English Bulldog. They are registered CKC-Altman White English Bulldog. They are purbred. Their weight is around 55 to 70 lbs.  They come in many colors.  This line to this day is very different. I have owned them for 10 years myself. Their temperment is great. They can take the Southern Heat and the Northern Cold. They love to play outdoors and in the water. They are a little taller, and their noses is a little longer than the English. That is why they can take the heat and cold better. As far as other Health problems I have never had ANY health problems that weren't associated with owning ANY dog.

 All of the puppies that I sell online are from my stock of Altman's. We only breed our females ONCE a year. We DO NOT breed in the summer because it gets too hot here in the South and we have a problem getting them shipped out. We will be glad to drive to meet you within an hour.  

 All of our puppies  come ready to be spoiled.  Me and my family love them and take care of them. It's YOUR job to spoil them.

          Big Chester racing to dive in the water.

          Suzie loves to play in the water when it's hot! 

              ROLAND'S JUGGA  PLAYIN BALL....

      Boo relaxing in the yard, chewing on her ball. 

 Twinkie out for her walk and enjoying the sunshine.  


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