Health, Special Conditions & Paperwork:

This puppy to the best of seller's knowledge is in sound health and free of communicable diseases when it leaves the Buyer's residence. Puppy is to be seen by the Buyer's veterinarian within 120 hours.  If this is not done, guarantee is null and void.  Shipping costs are never reimbursed.

A 1 Year Replacement Guarantee is given on any condition that caused your pup to expire prematurely which dates from the prenatal stage only. A Veterinarian Statement with his findings will be required stating that it was definitely caused from the prenatal state. Out of state buyers must send a copy of the Vets report by mail. Sellers Veterinarian will confirm diagnosis. Guarantee will consist of a puppy replacement of the same gender and quality from the next available litter.  Replacement Guarantee will be terminated if puppy was abused, does not have up to date records of vaccinations and fecal records. Seller of this puppy is not responsible for any Vet bills of any type or any refunds of Vet bills. This is a replacement guarantee only.

It is a well known fact that bulldog’s can potentially have hip dysplasia.  We have done everything possible to ensure this does not happen to your puppy.  Your puppy will be checked for hip dysplasia BEFORE it leaves our premises.  If you abuse or neglect your puppy in such a way, for example, allow it jump off furniture or beds, allow him/her to stand on hard surfaces for extended periods of time, excessive jumps including trick jumping, any of these things including over exercise that would not be considered normal for a bulldog will not be covered under this guarantee.  Please use common sense with these babies…

The Seller certifies that, upon delivery, the puppy/dog is in good health and has been immunized and wormed according to the attached health record. It is required that the puppy be taken to the Buyer's veterinarian within 120 hours of taking possession of the dog/puppy. This agreement is made for mutual benefit to protect all parties. The Seller states that under no circumstances will the Seller stand responsible after the 120 hour period or if any expenses are incurred in connection with the care of this dog/puppy through veterinary bills during the 120 hour period.  Buyer is required to contact the Breeder within 24 hours of said examination to serve notice of buyer’s veterinarian report.  If indicated, Buyer will return the animal to Kountry Time Bulldogs to exchange for another pet of equivalent value.  We will not be responsible for any veterinary fees.

Should the buyer wish to show or breed said animal, Kountry Time Bulldogs will not be held responsible for any failures that may occur while breeding or showing.  We will not be held responsible for any failed attempts at breeding or showing.  Kountry Time Bulldogs are selling this puppy as a companion only, and any other use of the dog by the Buyer is not covered in any way by this guarantee.

In the event of any legal actions arising from or in connection with this guarantee, Kountry Time Bulldogs will be paid reasonable attorney fees by the Buyer.  Jurisdiction and/or venue of any litigation arising out of or related to this contract shall lie exclusively in the county and state in which Kountry Time Bulldogs operates their breeding business at the time of purchase.

A registration certificate will be provided in a timely manner of payment in full unless other restrictions apply.


Return Policy 

It is understood that no money is to be refunded until the following requirements have been met:

Health Problems - a letter from the examining veterinarian is necessary for the return of any puppy/dog, stating date of exam and complete diagnosis. The Seller reserves the right to have said dog examined by a second veterinarian of Seller's choice. Seller will pay for Veterinary consultation for Sellers Veterinarian, but will not be responsible for expenses to Buyers Veterinarian. Should conflicting diagnosis result, a third separate opinion will be expected, the cost to be shared equally between the Buyer and the Seller.

Limitations of Guarantee – This guarantee is not transferable to any other individual, group, organization, or entity.  Dog must be properly cared for and nourished, and all vaccinations must be kept current in order to maintain the effectiveness of this guarantee.  We will not be responsible for neglect or abuse of these bulldogs in regards to knee/hip problems.  No replacement will be provided if a female/male has been bred.  No replacement will be provided once the registration application has expired, if any.  No replacement will be provided for reasons of hip dysplasia if the dog is not properly nourished, exercised, or if dog is permitted to become overweight.  (Buyer must follow Breeder recommendations, including recommended dog food(s), etc.).  No replacement will be given if dog is over-exercised, which will be construed to include:  excessive running, overworking, or jumping the dog. Warranty is 100% voided on free or rehomed dogs. (Purchaser must be aware that running on asphalt or concrete can seriously damage the young bones and joints of a puppy and in such a case, the guarantee is null and void.  Neglect in regards to allowing dogs to jump on or off furniture/beds will also void this contract).  Use common sense as these are bulldogs.

All above-mentioned conditions must be met or this guarantee will be considered null and void in all parts thereof.  All laboratory verification will be performed by a licensed veterinarian.  The Buyer in responsible for all transportation costs to and from Kountry Time Bulldogs.  Kountry Time Bulldogs are not responsible for any veterinarian expenses incurred and accumulated by the Buyer on returned or replaced puppy or dog.

Severability IF any provision of the Agreement is or becomes void or unenforceable by force or operation of law, the other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable. In the event of dispute, the Seller's home state and county, at the time of said dispute, will have jurisdiction over the matter.

Integration Clause   The entire Agreement between the parties is contained herein.

I, the undersigned Buyer of a puppy from Kountry Time Bulldogs acknowledge that I have received this document, and will receive my pet’s state health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian as pertains to the health of my pet good for one week from the arrival date shipped, as well as, puppy’s shot/worming records via arrival to me attached atop of puppy’s travel kennel.  We do guarantee the dog for 1 year for anything that happened prior to birth causing premature death only.  I further accept the terms and conditions of this guarantee as stated above and hereby relinquish any and all other rights that I may otherwise have, should any event occur to necessitate the execution of this guarantee.  Buyer acknowledges that he or she understands and agrees to all terms and conditions of this document.

Signature and Dates:

Seller: Gail Young or Roland Cabanas           Buyer : _________________________

Date : _________________________           Date : __________________________

Additional Comments:


(Altman White English Bulldogs need DRY food 2 to 3 time Daily)



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