We appreciate all of your past photo's of our puppies. Thanks for keeping us going and Getting the Altman White English breed better known to Everyone!!! 

 This is Swisher. He now lives with Jose Narvaez and family in CT. He's a beautiful playful boy. (4 months)

This is Lola now. Big and beautiful

This is Coco. She lives w/ Austin & Blair Grimes in SC. 

                     Swisher 4 months old. 

Hey Gail, hope everything's going well for ya'll. Just wanted to give ya'll an update on Coco and send a few pictures. I think she may end up being a little smaller than her parents (almost six months and she's about 35 lbs). Who knows she may do some serious widening at the shoulders pretty soon. She has been a little ball of fun and has more energy than Blair and I combined! She loves other dogs (especially other bulldogs) and she LOVES the water. For some reason she loves putting her head all the way under; it's actually hillarious to watch. I don't think I've ever had a dog who just wants to be close to her owner. You literally can't keep her off of you. Overall, she's the best dog I've ever owned and we couldn't have asked for a better first dog for my wife. Here's a couple pictures so you can see how much she's grown. We have a ton if you want more.

Look at this face
Ringo James is beautiful!!

Baby Mae Swann..Loves the camera but, not brooms..lol 

This is Roxy. She now lives with her Mommie Andrea Allen. Love the swimsuit. 

 Roxy and her mommie Andrea. Spoiled rotten. 

This is Bell and her daddy. She's grown up but still the baby.

 Brutus, getting ready for his favorite playtime on the boat! Kim said he loves swimming in the shallow water but, is a chicken in deep water..lol

Coco playing in her pool w/ her ball. 

Nap time for Bell..It's hard working being Spoiled! 

Simba has taken over the Barone household in NY with Louie and Deanna. 

 ButterCup loves having a ball and smiling for the camera..

 Paxton loves the woods and water.

Casey Cohoon doing what he does Best! Protecting his couch! 

Diesel is just a big ol baby 

Look at that face. Such a pretty boy! 

Introducing Ivory. With a face like that you gotta smile.

  Prince Louie & Simba lounging around..

Henny & Ciroc enjoying the summer in the house! Playing rough and running things! 

 O.P. says it's hard work holding the house down. He's getting rested so, when the kids get home "It's Play Time"!

Lola Fancy Pants

Just laying around

Monday's are hard

Happy St Patricks Day from Casey

Past Babies

I just wanted to tell you that you've bred one of the smartest dogs I've had yet! She is calm and playful when you want her to be. But the main thing I wanted to brag about was her potty training. She is the easiest I've had yet! She's maybe had two accidents since I've had her. But she's either giving me signs to take her outside or going straight to her puppy pad. She has definitely made it right at home though. And she's always happy to play with her new buddy drake:) so far she loves everyone in my family (especially my grandma the one who spoils her worse than I do) lol Once again thank you so much for selling me such a great puppy! Shes definitely my angel:)

Sofie and Bailey

 Want to say something else. If any of y'all know someone looking for a puppy, I don't think I have to tell you to get them in contact with Gail. The entire time I was waiting for Casey to be old enough (seemed like about 10 years!), Gail was constantly sending me pictures. If I had questions, and I did, she was right there with the answers. I knew abut Gail because a lady near me has one of Gail's babies. So I was able to see one before I made my choice. My baby came, at 7 weeks, with an already good amount of being spoiled. He came with such personality that he was developing with all the contact with people he was getting from Gail and the family. I cannot speak high enough of the Breeder or my baby. Some breeders are just that, a breeder. Gail is a breeder, but she becomes a friend very early on, very early on. Then soon after they become a part of the family. Whenever something has been going on with Casey, I have felt like Gail is part of the family, she needs to know this. We all love her family as well as the baby they put into our family. My sister has gotten babies before and I can tell you that breeder is not somebody I would deal with. Kountry Time Bulldogs is hands down the best!
Casey & Bobby Cahoon

 This is our new puppy Lola she is a Betty Boo puppy.  She is absolutely wonderful.  When we picked her up it was obvious that she was well bred and taken care of until she came to our family where the loving and caring will continue.  Our family is so happy with Lola, she is exactly what we have been looking for a long time.   

We would like to thank Roland and Gail very much.  They made sure we were well educated on the breed and their puppies.  It has been a very pleasant and easy process to bring this puppy into our family.  Roland and Gail made themselves available anytime we wanted to talk to them or just to say hello.  We will highly recommend Roland and Gail to anyone that is considering acquiring a puppy from them.  Our happiness with our new puppy and the wonderful experience with Kountry Time Bulldogs has passed on to our friends who are now getting one for themselves. Kountry Time Bulldogs -A+++++++++

Scott,Megan and Kevin(Bubba)

This picture is of Roxy. The Allen family fell in love with her in 2009. Mom is Daisey & dad is Big Odie. 

Charlie is a Handsome boy

This picture is of Roxy and her new little sister Chloe. The Allen family loved Roxy so much they wanted another puppy for Roxy to play with. Chloe is off  Daisey & Big Chester (2010). They are both living in Fayetteville Ga and loving their family. 

Spoiled Rotten

Rocky and Pebbles have really grown

                Bell loving on her daddy. How sweet!

       Paxton is a big boy loving life in BC..

Boss man loves getting a bath and then getting dirty!

Simba having his birthday cake from his Surprise Birthday Party. Having his cake and eating it too.....What a Handsome BOY! 

     Big Brutus loves to play in the water! 

                  Gus and his daddy Jon. It's LOVE.

 This is Gus with his family. Jon & Shelly Swan. He's a handsome boy. 

Look at the Judge! Playing in the water. He lives with Mark in CT.  

This is Diesel. He lives with my good friend Jamie in PA. He's a big boy and loves his family.

This is Casey he lives his life to the fullest.

     This is Casey and his daddy Bobby. It's LOVE! 

   This is Butter Cup and she's about spoiled Rotten! 

             This is the ONE and ONLY Boss man.. 

      This is Willis. He knows that he's Handsome! 


                  ButterCup sweet as pie and loving life!

 Simba and Prince Louie...Big Happy Boys..☺ 

 Miss Cotton plays with her dolls and anybody else who wants to play!

Ringo is packed and ready to go to war with his Daddy James.  

Rocky is working hard protecting his Daddy (Matt) and Mommy (Stephanie) from all them animals..lol 

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